The things that I think and write about are very important to me, so your presence here is much appreciated. However, privacy and confidentiality are also important to me, so I want to make you aware of what the terms are when you are visiting my blog.

I don’t ask you for any information outside of your personal email address. Let me assure you that I do not sell or share this information with a third party, aside from the host of this website. Certain things, like your IP address, may be able to be tracked by the host of this website, but personally I do not take account of this information. The only way that it would be necessary for me to figure out your IP information linked to this site is if you were to do something egregiously criminal. Otherwise, what you share is safe with me.

When I speak of “sharing” I am talking about comments, messages, or anything you share in related to content on this website. Keep in mind that you can always communicate with me through email, as listed on my Contact page. My personal email account is hosted through Gmail, but these terms and conditions I have provided here will still be relevant, and ultimately governed by Gmail’s  privacy policy which you can read here

Check your browser. See that little padlock? This site is secured with SSL encryption. That means that information transmitted between you and this site is encrypted. So, if you want to purchase a completed copy of my upcoming memoir, you can share your payment information with me and know that this information is protected.

You may notice a few of my feature posts that are protected by Creative Commons licensing. Please be diligent in understanding what each license means, as they may not all be the same. Clicking on the license icon will redirect to the Creative Commons page which will explain how the specific work may be used. All work contained on this website is my own and may not be used without my explicit permission, unless otherwise stated.

From time to time, I may receive communication from you that inspires a blog post, or some other relevant response on any of my other social media accounts. By engaging with this site in any fashion, you hereby give your consent for me to use that communication for creative, or other purposes; and unless you notate otherwise, I will attribute the inspiration to you. For example, if you read my post on Trayvon Martin, you will see that I reference several Twitter posts that I felt reflected my mood on the topic. As a writer, I am often inspired by the words of others, but also as a writer, I understand the importance of referencing others’ work. I will make an effort to reach out to you through information you provide when I feel that something you have shared inspires me.

These terms and conditions are not all inclusive, and I reserve the right to alter or change them at any time. If you are subscribed, you will be notified of any changes to this policy.