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"Brittany Coley's “Exceedingly Above” is an engaging story, telling the life of a single mother of four as she struggles with poverty, toxic relationships and homelessness...This depth of introspection is uncommon in any text. It's important for us, as readers, to consider these alternative viewpoints." 

Graham M., Indiana

Exceedingly Above is a memoir detailing various life events of author Brittany L. Coley as she travels the narrow road of salvation. In a highly personal account, she details the resilience she maintained as a teenage mother, a misguided youth, and how finding Christ made a difference in her life. You may find yourself relating to her stories of persecution after giving her life to God, including her battle with the Indiana Department of Child Services, her struggle to earn a college degree, and pressing forward with achieving her goals in oppressive poverty. This is a read for anyone who still wonders if God hears them when they pray, or those who are still waiting on the promises of His breakthrough.

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