"Let's give these poor kids a better education."

January 25, 2018


Photo courtesy of Ryan McGuire

"Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall."

Proverbs 16:18


Imagine there is a school district that is not only bland in color, but also in culture. For a boost, administration comes up with the idea to bus in minorities from the local neighborhood who otherwise are not welcome into the schools. A campaign is launched and presented as a noble cause for the community, and state and federal funding is provided to pay for the increased costs to bus the low-income from their neighborhood schools to schools in which they will receive a more “quality” education. Among other things, the schools in the district receive funding to pay for increased costs of administration, free and reduced lunch, and textbooks. Time passes. Once enough of this government aid has been stored in the coffers, and the interest earned on the money saved has grown, another campaign is quietly underway to no longer bus the students, as the original goal to increase diversity and enrollment in the school district has been completed, including more opportunities for the local neighborhood. However, the educational experience of the students bussed in from the local neighborhood remains without significant change, despite the benefit they provide to the school district in sports, culture, and federal funding.


After the bussing campaign has ended, and the goal of the school district has been completed, everyone who had a hand in executing the original idea receives monetary pay offs upward of six figures, and promises made on particular positions are kept. As certain school board members transition out of their roles in the administration that oversaw the campaign, nods are given to those they want to take their place.

Fancily built up for all to see, the blandness that once personified the school district is long forgotten. Now, policies are quietly in place that serve to demonize the very population they built themselves up on, and the enrollment that was once offered to these students so very freely must now be paid for.



Could you imagine?

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