Kennedy-King Historic Site Announcement

February 14, 2018


Earlier today, I received an email from Congressman Andre Carson (IN), stating that there will be a hearing held tomorrow (Damn, that quick?) regarding the proposal to mark a certain area of the city (AKA, "The hood") as an historical site, due to an impromptu speech delivered by Robert F. Kennedy following the death of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Immediately, I smelled bullshit, not because this isn't a noble effort, (although I would like to think that it would take a lot more than this to consider a site 'historic'), but because I live in this city, and know that this is just another nod for those who are pushing the gentrified vision of the 2020 Plan in our neighborhoods. Granted, this is probably a move to take advantage of the recent bill signed into law by President Trump. However, we all know what is going to happen-and is already happening- in the used-to-be low-income, predominately Black neighborhoods of Indianapolis; White people decided what parts they want for themselves, and use their money power in addition to the city's resources to push us out. And no, being Black doesn't mean that you automatically have the best interest of the Black community in mind, and I don't give a damn what ANYBODY says, whenever a residential area is marked as historic, the rents in the area are raised to a level in which only those with high-economic mobility are able to stay.


But I ain't gon' lie, I am writing this from a subjective stance because I have always felt some type of way about Andre Carson. There is no real reason why. I'm not sure if it was seeing him appear briefly in a scene with Phaedra (what is that saying about "bad association?"), on Real Housewives of Atlanta (my favorite ratchet of all the ratchet), or the unshakable suspicion that he was basically shooed in more on the legacy of his grandmother rather than any real merit, but this bill he is trying to introduce, on the front of a noble cause is most certainly causing me to give him the #sideeye



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