5 Signs You May Be An Undercover Entrepreneur

May 29, 2018

Thinking of going into business as your own boss? Here are 5 signs that becoming an entrepreneur is something that will work for you:


1. You Keep Thinking About It

Perhaps it was a Youtube video that planted the seed, or an article you read. Either way, you've come into the knowledge that entrepreneurship is more plausible for you as a career than you once thought. If every time you get up or get ready for work your next thought is how you could be working to build your own business rather than going to clock in for someone else, then you may need to seriously consider becoming an entrepreneur.


2. You Don't Have a Problem With Making Executive Decisions

People who find it easy to make everyday decisions easily and strategically also find it easy to delegate. Effective delegation is important to any entrepreneur who seeks to add employees to their company.


3. You've Been Looking For New Ways to Invest In Yourself

This one pretty much explains itself.


4. You Seek Ways to Maximize Your Time and Be Productive

I am a TO-DO List person

At first, I thought this made me sound anal, but when I realized how much more purposeful my days became because of my list, how anal I may appear to others became less of a concern. Owning a business is a whole new beast when you are switching over from being someone else's employee, but a beast worth taming if you are willing to take it on. But you have got to be a self-starter who doesn't need much encouragement or outside motivation to git'er done.


5. You Have a Viable Hobby or Ability That People Would Pay For

Do you have a knack for creative writing? Tailoring clothes? Giving a room a spic and span shine? The service industry is an area projected to see an increased amount of growth into 2022. If you have a hobby or skill that fit into any one of these areas taking a chance to invest in yourself as a business owner may be a risk worth taking.


Next article will discuss reasons why people fail to believe they could become entrepreneurs, and what you can do to fight back against the lies.




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