The One Thing Hindering the Entrepreneur Inside of You

June 11, 2018

Earlier we discussed signs you may be an undercover entrepreneur.. In this note, we'll look at the ideas and behaviors you perpetrate against yourself that may be holding you back from going into the next level of your career.


1. You Don't Believe In Yourself

At this point, I still consider myself to be a "green" entrepreneur, still learning the ropes. After the seed had been planted for me to start Thought Forward Consulting, LLC, seeds of doubt began to grow and attempt to choke the life out of my imagined business. What did I know about owning a business? Even after I did my homework, the idea became even more daunting. How would paying taxes change? What is the difference between an S-CORP and a C-CORP? Should I have employees...wait, will I even make enough money to have an employee? Is the service I offer good enough to sustain my business? While all of these are legitimate questions, once I took a moment to sit and think about what was really holding me back, I realized it was the lack of faith in myself to take on this new venture and succeed. 


2. You Don't Have Any Money

Again, another legitimate concern. In fact, when it comes to receiving a small business loan, women and minorities are historically less likely to receive them..Although some effort is being made as of late, the lack of access to outside capital keeps owning a small business a dream forever deferred for many Americans. However, it is NOT impossible! Even with poor personal credit, a quick internet search will provide you with options from different lenders who are looking to lend to entrepreneurs just like you. Perhaps I'll post a note featuring these businesses some time in the near future?


3. You Have No Idea About Who You Should Market To

Really? You are going to let THIS be the reason why you don't take the steps necessary to pursue your small-business dream? Not understanding who to market to is an easy fix! Take a quiet moment to sit and consider what it is you have to offer, and then use the web to find articles informing you of how fruitful this pursuit would be. You could also hire someone to help market your business, or Youtube free advice about how to find your market and then reach out to them. The internet age has made marketing as simple as turning on your computer. If you would like to sharpen your marketing skills, you can also enroll in a free online course that will help walk you step-by-step to reach your target marketing goals.


4. You Don't Know Who to Look to For Advice

I get it. Being a trailblazer is hard. Working with new and potential business owners, I hear this reason in some form or other constantly. Depending on where you live and how you grew up, it can be really hard to find someone to look to as a mentor, or even for sound advice when mulling over ideas. Again, Youtube is your friend! In my early search for motivation and encouragement, I was blessed to come across speaker Tony Gaskins, Jr. and I have been listening to his advice ever since. I know sometimes you just can't afford to pay a consultant. Find a blog or Youtube channel offering some free advice that really speaks to where you are in your walk right now. You are also free to contact me! You are not alone!

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