July 24, 2018



That's it, that's all.


Throughout my life, I have experienced many situations that were designed for me to not make it through.


But God....


Saw fit that I would come out on the other side with an encouraging testimony for any ear that would hear. The one thing that I will always encourage any entrepreneur that I consult with is to do is reach back and pull someone else up beside you.  Because of society's ideas and treatment of poor and impoverished people, it seems easier to believe that people in poverty want to be there. And don't get me wrong! I know all about friends and family members who would rather leech and survive off a handout, rather than make a way for themselves.

But let me tell you that not everyone who needs government assistance, or is looking for a handout is a useless being taking up space in the universe at the expense of your so-called tax dollars!


Some people have talents and skills that continue to remain hidden because they have never had anyone faithfully feed life and encouragement into them. Others continually operate below the radar, pushing for more but failing to effectively move forward because an outsider's perspective of them, (also known as, "Judging a book by its cover"), has led to the determination that they are not worthy of a person's time or benevolence. And please don't bother me with a story that demonstrates a time in which you "helped a person out," and it failed.  I daresay that your efforts to "help out" a person failed because of your lack of wisdom to distinguish between a person who could sincerely utilize your help to move forward, and a person who would do nothing more than use you. Failure is inevitable in all feats worth pursuing. If you insist on using past experiences of failing to help someone as justification for not reaching back today, then that is a shame on you! Due to societal influence, we often become involved with acts of benevolence based on emotion rather than wise, practical thinking. This is not how you should operate as an established business person who has the means to help someone else in their walk as a new entrepreneur. Check yaself. God didn't allow you to be where you are just for you to waste the fruit of your labor among fools.


For reasons that, for centuries, have been outside of our control, Black Americans lag far behind our counterparts of other ethnicities when it comes to economic mobility. However, what is within our control is the effort we put in as individuals to make sure that we are intentional about how we show up for others in our community, outside of our inner circle.




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