Letting Go of the Familiar

September 29, 2018



How many times have you heard the saying, "Ere'body can't go with you?" Each time I've heard it, I felt it was truth. However, there are some situations and people in our lives who have proven that- no matter how hard we try and pull them along the path that has been destined for us- they will to fight to stay right where they are.


And it's not just people! We can become comfortable with familiar emotions, mindsets and struggles too. Just the very thought of doing anything different can be scary and overwhelming. 


But if you landed here, apparently you know that it's time. I wanted this note to be the confirmation you've been looking for. 


In previous posts, I've shared with you how inspired I get whenever I listen to Pastor R.C. Blakes.  In his recent video,  he discusses the curse of holding on to people for too long, and what it can cost you. My favorite part is the prayer at the end! 


I hope that you are encouraged by his words. It's time to do the work necessary to move on to the next level of personal development. See you on the other side! 


Much Love,




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