While You Are Sleeping....

February 4, 2019

The Indiana Department of Child Services is working hand in hand with their favorite state representatives to slowly, but surely! take your parental rights away.


Senate Bill No. 1 is a bill "reforming" the way DCS does business here in Indiana. Things of note within this bill is how they are now passing as law what DCS has been doing as policy for years, such as refusing to place a child with a relative if that relative has been substantiated for child abuse or neglect. Keep in mind that just because DCS says something is abuse or neglect, doesn't mean that it is. But no one would ever know, because they use fear tactics to ensure the silence of families whose rights they infringe upon everyday.


If they think THIS is reform, then we need to throw the entire Senate away and place our state government under construction.


Other things of note the bill is reforming:

1. The ability of a child's foster parent, or for a child's relative, to petition the court for a termination of a biological parent's parental rights, particularly for newborn babies. [SENATE BILL ONE, pg. 8 lines 31-42, pg. 9 lines 8&9, pg. 10 lines 6-8 & lines 18-24, pg. 12 lines 16-38].


If this bill is enacted, get ready to move, or stop having children. You can ignore this. Just know that your children will be next. 


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