My Love is Conditional.

May 29, 2019

 Photo courtesy of June Intharoek

Something I have learned while practicing self care is the importance of conditional love. I came to this understanding by trying my best to operate within the confines of what many refer to as, "unconditional love," while maintaining my interpersonal relationships.


Loving unconditionally can be toxic.


Not because the idea of unconditional love is toxic, but the example in which I consistently see how society interprets it should be, is.


-If loving unconditionally means I endure abuse, then I will choose not to love you.


-If loving unconditionally means I am consistently subjected to negativity and jealousy, I will choose not to love you.


-If loving unconditionally means that I find myself constantly taking L's regarding anything connected to you, I will choose not to love you.



I won't even bother to love you from afar.




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