Why I stan Amanda Seales

June 11, 2019

 Photo Courtesy of Google

I never watched, My Brother and Me (I was more of an, All That and California Dreaming kind of girl), and I only vaguely remember her as the VJ on MTV's Sucker Free Countdown, but when it comes to how she has reinvented herself as of late, I think it's safe to say that I am a fan of Amanda Seales.


Okay, not a fan in the literal sense of the word- I currently don't follow any of her social media sites, and I only have a general idea of how she is progressing in her career- but I would consider myself a fan in the sense of which it applies to me. Trust me, it means alot because when it comes to celebrities, I can count on one hand how many times in my life I have been inspired by any.


As I was driving this morning, I happened to catch her latest interview with the Breakfast Club, and as always she delivered with the engaging conversation and ideals that leave you thinking. They played her new song, which actually sucks, but I liked the story behind the song. Since Sucker Free Amanda was not on my radar until I caught the Breakfast Club interview where she shared how she low-key believed that certain interactions she has had with Jay-Z has affected her ability to move forward at certain levels in her career (catch...maybe that drummer ain't lyin' ya'll! IJS.....). Immediately, I liked her vibe. Not because of what she said about Jay-Z, but because she fearlessly spoke up and out about prevailing social issues and transparently shared her experiences and frustrations as a woman of her caliber trying to make it in her industry.


This morning, I was again inspired by her witty commentary and bold spirit. She dropped several gems throughout her interview, something that I have found to be consistently true for her whenever I run across a video of her on Youtube or social media. I always watch now, just because I know how it is to be someone who has the ability to revolutionize the way others think, and the unrelenting struggles that come along with it.


I wanna say she's dope, but I don't think that word fits- it's too commonly used to describe people that we favor. I would like to think of her as the new classic: not only is she smart, funny, and Black but she is not afraid to press forward as an agent of change, something that never fails to be relevant and necessary during each generation's moment of evolution. For this reason, I stan.



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